2013 Grand Finale: 3rd/4th Place Final: Wild Hearses vs Mile Die Club

If you’d gambled on the game in the first few jams of this bout, you’d have bet on the Dies taking it out with precision, as they consistently scored and called it, keeping the Hearses back, with a score of WH 2 to MDC 10 after the initial four jams. But in jam 5, a sudden rush from Death By Disco assisted by her able Hearse blockers saw the score flip to WH 16 to MDC 10. Despite the Dies’s continued cool and calculated efforts, further power surges from the Hearses saw them maintain a lead at half time of WH 68 to MDC 42. The Hearse half time talk may have been simply ‘get lead jammer’, because that’s what they did coming into the second half. The Dies fought hard but just couldn’t get the opportunity for a good scoring run and the Hearses increased their lead to WH 118 to MDC 56 in the third quarter of the bout. The Dies rallied in the last fifteen minutes and played some killer defence, making for some exciting roller derby and keeping the score increases small on both sides, but the Hearses held onto their lead and steadily gained more points than the Dies, with a final score of WH 154 to MDC 77, with the Wild Hearses taking out third place in the 2013 ADRD home season.