April 7, 2017

Mile Die Club

Buckle Up

Hotter than a habanero, the Mile Die pilots navigate the heavens with the snap and sparkle of a lightning bolt, raining down killer smiles while hip checking their way through any turbulence encountered along the way. Put yourself in the brace position as these skaters take you on a wild ride...enjoy your trip!

Meet the skaters

91 Ankle Grinder
55 Bobby Dazzler
182 Evil Stig
2517 Eze-Kill
23 Flirt Cobain
27 Girl Rex Door
013 Grim
04 IV
18 Jetfire
4 Jinx Inferno
43 Mad Sqweelz Milz
369 Meryl Creep
21 PeachEZ
314 QT
113 Rampage
111 Show Pony
321 Skittle Bomb
20 Tudo