ADRD on tour

The Adeladies have been on tour again; this time they headed to Bendigo to represent ADRD at the Bendigo Rebellion. It was a huge weekend filled with lots of big hits and even bigger challenges. The Adeladies fought hard to secure 2nd place in the tournament with VRDL’s Queen B’s taking out first place. What a weekend! Woot woot!

2015 Season Starts with a Bang!

The first bout of the season opened with a well-choreographed, one hundred percent intentional, not-thrown-together-at-the-last-minute shared skateout by the Road Train Rollers and the Mile Die Club. Hamming it up to Uptown Funk the Roadies trucked out some fresh wheels with Crush’er Ramone, Enyo Face, Harry Smyles and Invader Scrim, whilst the Dies showed off Read more about 2015 Season Starts with a Bang![…]