April 7, 2017

Road Train Rollers

  1. Get Trucked

With more sauce than a roadhouse menu, the Road Train Rollers will have you honking your heart out as they thunder in from the desert onto their local derby track. These truck stop belles can sure serve up some red hot road rage.

Meet the skaters

12 Alice Dawkins
152 Brutiful
93 Deadly Nightshade
689 Fairy Dust
468 Fortis O-pal
1938 Goreticia Adams
447 Invader Scrim
721 Lemony Kickit
007 Pushy Galore
777 Russian Roulette
319 Silence of the Slambs
911 SteenRolla
99 Thumperlina
119 Trinket
17 Twitch E Sparrow
000 Valkyrie Vixen
289 Vamp
07 Ziggy the Kid