November 24, 2014


Get in touch!

Got something you just gotta tell us? Then make it so! For general enquiries in the first instance you can contact us via email with your query.

League Contact

Are you a media mogul who wants to make us famous? Then speak to our media rep! Oh wait, what’s that? You’re not a mogul? That’s ok, if it’s to do with media then you can still hit up the email below.

Media Contact

Want in on all the action? Of course you do! It’s rad! Our last batch of freshies certainly think so, and you’ll see them hitting the track this year. We run an annual ‘Fresh Meat’ intake after our season finishes up (usually starting in October) but if you have questions in the meantime you can ask our freshie rep.

Fresh Meat Contact

Want to flog your wares at a bout? Fantastic! Our bout village is a buzzing little mecca of stuff and things. If you have some stuff or some things that you’d like to sell then get in touch with our bout village rep to find out more.

Bout Village Stallholders Contact