November 24, 2014

Wild Hearses

Bad to the Bone

Under the veil of purple and orange the Wild Hearses will chill you to the bone with their relentless thirst for the battle on the track. Watch them dig deep and bury their opponents with their mesmerising skills on wheels, they'll hit you where it Hearses!

Meet the skaters

12 Alice Dawkins
98 Cherry Baum
96 Daisy Pain
42 Fanny Finagle
Fifi Firestarter
106 Judge Juicy
404 Just Mel
363 Killa Fangz
83 Mimi Malicious
62 MustDash
83 Mimi Malicious
051 Ninja Dinosaur
85 Not Mary
913 Petty Rizzo
616 Rapture
11 Tabnoxious
247 Thrashin Pop
19 Truffles
14 VVarlust


Wild Hearses logo in purple and orange of a ghost controlling a hearse cart pulled by a skeleton horse

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