2015 Season Finale

In case you didn’t already hear, the 2015 season came to a dramatic close on August 8th!

After a full league skate-out to a Queen mashup we showed our love for one other before the teams snuck away to get their game faces on! And boy were they ON!

The Wild Hearses finished off their undefeated season by taking home the coveted roller-skate trophy and claiming first place on the 2015 ladder. The Salty Dolls fought hard to secure 2nd place on the ladder, with the Road Train Rollers claiming 3rd place as their very own by defeating the Mile Die Club. What a day!

We’re not taking a full break just yet though!! Stay tuned for more news on the adventures of the ADRD travel teams, the Adeladies, Radeladies and the C-bombs, as they embark on some off-season shenanigans!