Bout 6: Mile Die Club vs Road Train Rollers

The bout began with a cheeky 1:0 jam to the Dies, and for the next few jams, the MDC refused to let the Roadies put points on the board, but the Roadies fought hard to reply, bringing the score to MDC 39 to RTR 4. Two cutting trips to the box for the RTR jammer in quick succession looked to really hurt the Roadies, but the RTR defence proved unbreakable in an MDC powerjam and the RTR jammer burst from the box to close the score to MDC 39 to RTR 28. Strong defence on both sides and jammers close on each other’s heels in the next few minutes saw a lead switch to the Roadies and inched the score up to MDC 56 to RTR 63, but another RTR jammer cut changed the lead again, to MDC 74 to RTR 67, and the Dies maintained a slim lead going into half time.

Half time score: MDC 83, RTR 77

While the Roadies are known for their second half fire-in-bellies, the Dies anticipated well and tangled the Roady jammers in the pack, with notable blocking from Vaderella. On the Roadies side, Krumbs kept the Dies jammer out of the track and both packs fought fiercely with call and response scoring, but the MDCs held their lead. In the last fifteen minutes, the Dies jammer headed to the box and it looked like a potential game turn in the Roadies favour, but, to the credit of the Dies blockers, the RTR jammer was unable to capitalise on the power jam. At seven minutes left on the clock, hearts raced at the score of MDC 141 to RTR 139. The last few minutes of the bout were terrifyingly exciting, but the Dies brought home a victory.

Final score: MDC 162, RTR 153