The Great Southern Slam 2014

The June long weekend saw an invasion of roller derby skaters, officials, commentators and volunteers from over 45 Australian and New Zealand leagues for the Great Southern Slam tournament! The weekend brought some hard-hitting derby and also the daggiest of dance moves, with Victorian Roller Derby League again taking the Division 1 trophy, and Reef Read more about The Great Southern Slam 2014[…]

2014 Bout 4 Mile Die Club vs Road Train Rollers

Oh my! Another weekend of exciting neck and neck roller derby?! Yes please! Not to mention that little bit of sister versus sister action captured above! We still can’t believe how tight the games are this season, and you won’t believe it until you’ve been there! Both teams fought hard for the win on Saturday, Read more about 2014 Bout 4 Mile Die Club vs Road Train Rollers[…]

2014 Bout 2 Wild Hearses vs Road Train Rollers

Sunday April 13 saw the first meeting of the Wild Hearses and Road Train Rollers for 2014. The bout started with The Ghan taking on Killakaze at the jam line, with two strong packs of blockers ready to defend. And defend they did with neither jammer scoring any points in the first jam. Freshie Carmela Read more about 2014 Bout 2 Wild Hearses vs Road Train Rollers[…]