2014 Bouts 5 & 6 Double Header

Whoa nelly we really kept people on the edge of their seats (and blankets) as all the teams pulled it out of the bag for our first double header of the 2014 season! Both bouts were intensely physical, it really came down to the wire and boy do we have the bruises to prove it!

As the season plays out we are seeing a pretty exciting trend emerging – it is ALWAYS anyone’s game! Both bouts saw each team switching the points lead and both bouts were taken out in the final 2 jams. The point differentials are negligible and this season’s gameplay has to be seen to be believed!

The final scores were:

Salty Dolls 205 vs Road Train Rollers 203
Wild Hearses 175 vs Mile Die Club 159

Photo from bout 6 courtesy of Simon Ankor.