2014 Bout 1 Salty Dolls vs Wild Hearses

The first bout of the 2014 ADRD season saw the Wild Hearses battle it out against the Salty Dolls. If you caught these two teams in 2013, all your clams would have been on the Salties taking it for the win. However, tonight the dead were unleashed and gave the ladies of the seas a good run for their ships!

The first jam saw new transfer to the team of purple and orange, Fast-Twitch Hustle jump the apex, score one point and call it off. This speedy call off set the bar for the first half, with both teams hitting and quitting, and after Jam 10, the score was Salty Dolls 16 to Wild Hearses 18. This quick-call strategy, amongst some tight-like-a-tiger walls, continued throughout the first half, leaving the halftime scores at Salty Dolls with 63 points, closely followed by Wild Hearses on 55 points.

Wild Hearses did not lose focus and came back to commandeer Salty Dolls in the second half, matching their score. But the slippery Philistine cruised through the pack, leaving Salty Dolls 82 and Wild Hearses 68. Each team continued with tight packs and slowly Wild Hearses were losing sight of victory, with Salty Dolls 127 and Wild Hearses 96, due to twinkle-toe efforts from Blue Wrenagade. With 10 minutes to go, the Hearsies gave the fish face molls some strong blocking; regaining points Salty Dolls 132 to Wild Hearses 108. A powerjam to the Wild Hearses allowed them to rack up some more points, Salty Dolls 153 to Wild Hearses 131, but the sea soldiers held their ground, with a nail-biting close score to the bitter end.

The final scores were:

Salty Dolls 159 to Wild Hearses 155.