2014 Bout 2 Wild Hearses vs Road Train Rollers

Sunday April 13 saw the first meeting of the Wild Hearses and Road Train Rollers for 2014. The bout started with The Ghan taking on Killakaze at the jam line, with two strong packs of blockers ready to defend. And defend they did with neither jammer scoring any points in the first jam. Freshie Carmela Carnage took to the track as jammer early in the piece, scoring an impressive 10 points for her team, allowing the Hearses to immediately take the lead from the Roadies.

The Wild Hearses were determined to prove their power after losing by just four points to the Salty Dolls in bout 1, and continuously won lead jammer status throughout the first half.

A power jam halfway through the first half was the perfect opportunity for the Wild Hearses to widen the points gap, but alas, Carmela Carnage shortened her good luck with a trip to the penalty box, allowing the Roadies to make up for lost time and roar ahead to an impressive lead WH 25 v RTR 46.

Soon enough, it was a bout of power jams, with each team landing several opportunities in the remainder of the first half. It was fifteen minutes of unexpected game play, with Killakaze being caught up by the Hearses’ blockers numerous times, while Carmela Carnage took the lead, and Hearses’ Fast Twitch Hustle knocked down Roadie lead jammer Elle Catraz in some rare jammer blocking.

Half time was soon upon us with a close score of Wild Hearses 69 vs 62 Road Train Rollers.

Just minutes in we all thought we’d gone back in time two years, with the Wild Hearses forcing a pivot line start on the Roadies in a surprise move. While spectators were half expecting two whistles to start the jam, the Hearses made the most of taking their competitors by surprise, scoring a power jam. A few more jams, a RTR timeout and an official review saw the Hearsies remain in the lead and the score being taken to Wild Hearses 84 v 68 Road Train Rollers.

Both sides battled on, sharing, almost equally, lead jammer status. Track cut penalties were forced and there was plenty of time spent in the box by both sides. The Hearses’ Moxxi stood up to some brutal blocking and powered on through as jammer with just 6 minutes left, the Hearses desperate to gain back their lead. Wild Hearses 131 v 149 Road Train Rollers.

With just minutes to go Kaos was sent to the box, and the Wild Hearses drove their score up with Fast Twitch Hustle doing what she does best. The Wild Hearses took home their first win of the season after a well fought battle against the Road Train Rollers.

Final score:

Wild Hearses 172 vs Road Train Rollers 152

Photograph courtesy of Martin Stanley.