2014 Bout 3 Salty Dolls vs Mile Die Club

It is Adelaide Roller Derby’s oldest rivalry and oldest romance

Sunday 27 April 14 saw the two original ADRD teams The Salty Dolls and The Mile Die Club take to the track. Would an air raid sink the Salty ship or would they blast Mile Die from the sky?

The very first jam set the scene for the bout with Mile Die’s transfer jammer Hot X Guns out of the pack and claiming lead. The Die pack did an outstanding job in defence, containing the Salty’s jammer The Philistine. Hot X Guns scored a quick four points and called it off. The Salties then returned the favour two jams later with The Philistine scoring lead and four points just as the Dies jammer Ra was making it out of the pack. Tight and fast packs were the name of this game with big hits from both teams sending skaters flying out of bounds and down onto the ground, keeping the officials on their toes to avoid the constant stream of skaters heading quickly towards them. There was amazing blocking from both teams, with both of them clearly going into this game with a strategy and some great assists. Some early trips to the box for the Salty Dolls gave the Mile Die Club and advantage and they took it. Half time score, Mile Die Club 69 vs 58 Salty Dolls. So. Close.

The second half saw the intensity continue to increase. On so many occasions the second jammer was in hot pursuit of the lead jammer, forcing them to call it before any points could be scored or having to settle for one or two. It was not until the second half that we saw the first power jam of the day with Bam Bam Belial of the Salty Dolls being sent to the penalty box after a failed apex jump attempt. This gave Hot X Guns a free 30 seconds which she took advantage of, calling the jam as soon as Bam Bam was back on track. This was closely followed by a second power jam for Mile Die, with Bobby Dazzler sent to the penalty box. Bone Shaker went hard and called the jam, extending the lead for Mile Die. With a game this intense there was bound to be casualties, and the Salty Dolls lost Rattleskate who fouled out of the game. With just over 5 minutes to go the score was Mile Die 151 vs 103 Salty Dolls and then everything changed. Mile Die’s jammer Cracky Rizzo was sent to the penalty box after The Philistine scored lead jammer. Unfortunately for Mile Die Club, just before the end of the jam Cracky received another penalty and was off the track for a further 30 seconds. At the end of the jam, the Mile Die Club lead has been reduced to seven points. The final jam began with Mile Die’s jammer still in the penalty box with Pinch Assault jamming for the Salty Dolls. Pinchy scored the points she needed and then quickly called it off!

Final Score:

Salty Dolls 156 vs Mile Die Club 154

Photograph courtesy of Suitcase Photography.