Bout Three: Mile Die Club vs Wild Hearses

Bout three of ADRD’s fourth season saw the Mile Die Club battle the Wild Hearses. Both teams wanted the win, and it showed in the first half, with each team playing conservative, strategic derby. The points came slowly but steadily and the Mile Die Club began to establish a lead. In the third jam Marshall Stacks and Dee Injuria were sent to the box, leaving each team minus a heavy hitter, with Pixie Pincher utilising the advantage and calling it off for three points. The very next jam turned the tables on the Hearses again, with Anonymiss Skater sent to the box, allowing Dodgy Manoeuvres some wiggle room for a grand slam. The Dies kept pace in the next jam, hassling Barrelhouse Bessy who was sent to the box, giving Raw Dog a power jam. The score sat at 12-4 the Dies way and Push my Toosh fleshed it out to 16-4. There was no better time to wake the undead, who began recycling the pack, hassling Doggie who – although lead – could only call it for two points. By the thirteenth jam, both teams were well into it. Rolla Junky jammed against Pixie Pincher and they both took trips to the box. The score margin narrowed to 23-20 with the Dies in the lead. The Hearses kept plugging away and a power jam for Bessy gave them the lead for the first time in the bout, at 33-27. Great blocking from the Hearses helped Anonymiss Skater to take another four points, and the first half ended with the Hearses leading 37-27.

Both teams rocketed into the second half with fire in their eyes. First jam in and the Dies made a fantastic front wall to hold newcomer Hot X Guns in the pack, with Raw Dog able to secure some precious points in a grand slam. The score continued to climb for both teams until the Dies brought the pack to a standstill, making room for Raw Dog to skate a double grand slam. This put the Dies back in the lead at 45-41. The big hits began to fly and the jammers started to show fatigue. Pixie put up a gallant fight despite being hammered hard by Hell Grazer and Rolla Junky. In the following jam, Bessy lent Fury a helping hand to get through the pack for a grand slam while the Dies tried to free Raw Dog. Once again, fantastic pack control by the Hearses saw the score close to 51-50. On a roll, the Hearses put Bessy up to jam and some great defence combined with tidy blocking by Nyx Bellatrix helped Bessy to snatch back the lead 64-55. Determined to win back the lead, the Dies staged a massive sprint from the box to the front of the pack, with a Hell Grazer / Rolla Junky wall keeping Pixie at bay and get Dodgy Manoeuvres through as the score closed go 62-70. With around two minutes left, the tension was high and the scores so close. The last jam saw Pixie Pincher line up against Push my Toosh. Although Toosh gained the lead, the Hearses couldn’t be stopped, and they took the game 78-69. [Tricksey Belt’em]

Check out the bout photos for all of the thrills and spills! Thought this season couldn’t get any closer? Think again! Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Bout #4 in this thrilling series between the Salty Dolls and the Road Train Rollers – Saturday May 7 at the Adelaide Showground. Be there!