Bout Four: Road Train Rollers vs Salty Dolls

One of the most highly anticipated bouts of the season saw the newly revved up Salty Dolls take on last year’s champions the Road Train Rollers. Those familiar with the two teams expected a close bout – but no one could have predicted just how tit for tat this game would be.

Through play after play, the Salties battled the Roadies to gain lead. Where one jam would see the Roadies in front by 2 points, the next would have the Salties tackling back a one point advantage. Time after time, those Roadies and Salty jammers took to the track to muscle their way through the tight blocking packs that are characterizing ADRD game play this season. But faced with those infamous Salty front walls, the Roadies were slowly pushed further and further back as they faced the mighty power of legendary jammers D’Juana Fightme and Coconut Rough. With some stellar performances by this year’s freshies, the Roadies and Salties delivered what surely has to have been the most exciting game of the season so far. The Salties’ Blue Wrenegade was on fire on the track, receiving the accolades and adoration of the crowd even after being ejected for accruing too many penalties. Indeed, this was a penalty heavy game, with the Roadies Violent Krumble also being ejected after one too many trips to the sin bin.

With a stellar 14-point jam from D’Juana Fightme against the Roadies first time jamming firecracker Lady Cadaver, the Salties pulled their way to the front and never relinquished that lead. As the crowd went wild, the buzzer heralded the final result – last year’s season 4 holder the Salty Dolls had beaten last year’s season champions the Road Train Rollers, 83-99. [Champion Ruby]

Check out the bout photos, and buy your tickets for bout five – a repeat of last year’s Grand Final! May 22 sees the Wild Hearses take on the mighty Road Train Rollers at the Adelaide Showground from 2pm. Will those dead girls rise up to wreak zombie havoc on everyone’s favourite truck stop ladies? Or will the Roadies put those gals back in the ground where they belong? Be there to find out!