Bout Two: Salty Dolls vs Wild Hearses

Last year’s runners up the Wild Hearses had a bit of a dream season in 2010, while the Salty Dolls never seemed to pull off some of the great plays we know they’re capable of. The off-season can do marvelous things though, and after the tight performance of the Salties in training, everyone knew this was going to be a tough game.

But no-one could have predicted just how determined the Salties’ game play was going to be. They came out strong from the first jam and, despite stellar performances from the Hearses jamming and blocking line-ups, seemed to take control of the game from the outset. Time after time, they formed those famous Salty walls making it impossible for the Hearses’ jammers to break through and score points. After trailing in points for the first few jams, the Salties surged ahead and maintained a comfortable lead over the Hearses. A stellar triple grand slam from the mighty D’Juana Fight Me was met with roars from the crowd, who quickly turned their favour to old favourite Barrelhouse Bessy as she sneaked some back for the Hearses.

Half time saw the Salties ahead with whopping 73 to the Hearses 35. But the gals in ADRD are fighters, and the Hearses came back determined to close the gap with Bessy scoring an easy 5 points in the first jam. Strategy really came into play in the second half, with both sides cleverly speeding up or slowing down the pack in order to maximize their chances of coming out on top. We’ll definitely be seeing more of that kind of play this year as ADRD steps it up. After a run of penalties from both sides, the Hearses narrowly close the gap to 12 points with less than 3 minutes on the clock. But in the end it isn’t enough and the Salty Dolls take their first victory of the year with an impressive 96 points to the Hearses 83! No doubt about it, the Hearses owned that second half but in the end the Salties were just too hard to penetrate. Well done ladies of the sea! [Champion Ruby]

Check out the bout photos, and be sure to buy tickets for the next installment of the ADRD season – SUNDAY APRIL 10 at the Adelaide Showground, Wild Hearses vs Mile Die Club – be there!