Woman of the Week

Adelaide YWCA has recognised founder of Adelaide Roller Derby, Barrelhouse Bessy, as their “Woman of the Week”! Learn more about her and her contribution to building cool communities the worldhere.

ADRD could not be prouder of Mama B as many of the skaters in the league refer to her. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank her on behalf of all the members of ADRD and also the roller derby fans in Adelaide and all over Australia for igniting this wonderful community and for giving us the opportunity to experience the most amazing sport in the history of the universe Roller Derby!!!!

A showpony on the track, surprisingly Bessy is quite humble in real life and doesn’t take praise well. But it needs to be said, she is amazing and much more than woman of the week but that’s a great start. Thank you YWCA for recognising inspiring women like her each and every week. Adelaide Roller Derby salutes you and the good work the YWCA does to ensure the empowerment of women in Adelaide, a mission that is at the core of ADRD’s heart.