Bout 6: Salty Dolls vs Road Train Rollers

After an almost two month break from bouting, the Salty Dolls geared up to take on the Road Train Rollers in one of the most pivotal bouts of the season. With both teams battling it out for the chance to play the Wild Hearses in the Grand Final (Sept 26), tensions were running high on the track. With the Roadies taking an early lead, it soon became clear that this would be a tough trick for the Salties to pull off. Facing off against the Roadies notoriously good walls and new resident jammer par excellence, Mad Dog Mims, the Salties struggled to close an ever increasing gap. By half time, the Roadies were steaming ahead at 62 points to the Salties 18. With a strong crowd support for our nautical dames however, the Salties came out in the second half to try and pull off some of the comeback magic they’ve become famous for. Unfortunately for them, they also had to contend with the prowess of what was certainly the talking point of the after party – Mad Dog Mims and her mad jamming skills! With some truly spectacular footwork and aerial jumps, Mims looks set to become one of ADRD’s most exciting players. Try as they might, the Salties couldn’t get a foothold against the superior game play of the Roadies. By bout’s end the score was set at a devastating 124 to 50 meaning the Grand Final will see the Roadies trying to slay the corpses of the Wild Hearses while the Salty Dolls and Mile Die Club battle it out to avoid the wooden spoon!