Showground Bout 2: Salty Dolls vs Road Train Rollers

On a different track with floor slipperier than deer guts on a door knob, this game could have been anyone’s.

Tricksey Belt’em hit the track for her first game appearance in years and guess what? She hasn’t lost it! The Road Train Rollers held lead until the 6th jam but the Salty Dolls jammers must have had an olive oil bath back in the box because they starting slipping through those blockers like sunshine through the cracks. Femme and Harry pulled out some cracking recycling while Roadie defence was on fire giving the Salty jammers’ some hell on track. Bruti and Kit Cat also providing a little first half entertainment as they collided whilst in pursuit of the Salty jammer and hitting the floor in laughter. A nail biter at half time with the score – RTR 67 – SD 74.
Post half time saw Roxxie Rampage kill it in the grand slams department although the Salty Dolls seemed to creep away in the first 15 minutes or so calling off those jams pretty quickly and collecting some fast points. The seats in the sin bin didn’t have time to cool off much during the second half as Rattles and Bam were the only Salty blockers on track for one particular jam and a couple of power jams saw the Roadies put away a few points to close the points gap.
With 2 minutes until the final whistle Scrimmogen was the only blocker on track for the Roadies with Crush’er jamming. The Salty Dolls managed to hold her back and clean up a few points and called it a game with the final score RTR 144 – SD 188.
What a game, thanks to everyone in the crowd for providing some awesome atmosphere and getting behind your teams!
Written by Cracky Rizzo (Mile Die Club)