Adelaide Showground Bout 1: Mile Die Club v Wild Hearses

With the Dies rolling in off the back of a strong win against the Salties, and the Hearses slipping a late stage win over the Roadies a couple of weeks earlier, this was always going to be a killer bout.

In the first five minutes, both teams edged the scores up, in an answer-response game style. But the MDC blockers were relentless in both braced walls and big hits, recycling the WH jammers, and an early powerjam saw the Dies start to creep away on the scoreboard. Despite the jump in lead, the Hearses stayed smart and together and held the Dies’ lead to within a 20 point spread for the first quarter. However, a couple of key powerjams to the Dies in the second quarter saw the MDC pull away, heading into half time up 60 points: MDC 136 to WH 73.

Both teams returned focused and intense, but about five minutes into the second half, the track blew up as the Hearses rallied a reply to the Dies’ gameplay. Despite some fierce Hearse jamming, and penalty box time for both teams, the Dies capitalised on the chaos and pushed the score up to an 80 point lead, maintaining that distance throughout the second half for a solid win.

Final score: Mile Die Club 228 to Wild Hearses 150.


Written by Pyscho Fox (The Salty Dolls)