Greyhounds Bout 3 & 4: MDC v RTR and WH v SD

Adelaide Roller Derby had their 3rd and 4th Greyhounds bouts for this season at the Greyhounds on 22 May 2016. It was an exciting day of derby full of thrills and spills.

The season’s undefeated team, Mile Die Club went up against the Road Train Rollers for the first bout of the day. It was an intense game with leader board changes all throughout the bout. The Roadies showed off some amazing blocking skills and their jammers had several massive jams, by the end of the 1st half it looked as though the Dies winning streak was coming to an end. By the second half the Dies concrete walls and fast paced jammers proved to be too strong, with the Dies taking out the bout and keeping their winning streak, MDC 212 – RTR 197.

The Salty Dolls and Wild Hearses were up next for the second bout of the day. Salty Dolls owned the track throughout the bout. The Hearses jammers showed some amazing footwork and agility sneaking through the Salty packs. It was a tough 1st half with the Salties keeping their lead; they knew not to get too relaxed because it was a very close scoring half. Going into the 2nd half the Hearses stepped it up and closed the gap with some amazing blocking. The Salties began to feel the pressure to keep lead so they ramped up there game with an apex jump and hard defensive blocking giving the Salties a power jam at the end of the game to finish it out. Salties won the bout, SD 220 – WH 136.

It was a fantastic day of derby which was dedicated to the late Trotty who was an amazing friend and supporter of our league.

The Adelaide Showground Bout 3 will be held this Saturday, 28 May 2016 at the Showgrounds – Mile Dies verses the Salty Dolls. Will the Salties be able to break the Dies winning streak or will the Dies continue to dominate this season, there’s only one way to find out…

Written by Enyo Face (Road Train Rollers)