Bout Two: Mile Die Club vs Wild Hearses

Both teams came into this bout looking fierce and pumped, and showed they meant business starting with two very experienced line ups. This was a very close game with a lot of fancy footwork and amazing blocking on display throughout. Both teams also boasted strong jamming, from the veterans and freshie jammers alike.

The lead would change a number of times in this nail-biter of a first half, but it was the Dies who took it into half time.

Half time score: MDC 75, WH 66.

The Dies started the second half confidently edging their lead ahead, however it didn’t take the Hearses long to chip away at it until a power jam handed them the lead. While the bout continued to be a closely fought contest, the Dies would increasingly find their way into the penalty box, and the Hearses made the most of every power jam that came their way, slowly but surely stretching their lead, ultimately taking out the bout.

Final score: WH 154, MDC 125