Bout One: Salty Dolls v Road Train Rollers review

On Saturday, 6th of April, Adelaide Roller Derby started its 2013 season in spectacular fashion with a rematch of the 2012 grand final teams. The last time the seafarin’ Salty Dolls met the truck stoppin’ Road Train Rollers, the Roadies rolled away in the last few jams of a heart-stoppingly close game with a 14 point victory and the title of 2012 champions. But eight months is a very long time in derby and this new season also brings with it a new rule set, its most notable features being no more minor penalties and one whistle starts.

Every Salty/Roadie bout is a hard-fought battle of skate and booty and the first bout of the season was no exception. The Roadies roared away to an early lead as the Salties were hampered by their jammers making trips to the penalty box, handing the Roadies power jams and an early lead. But it wasn’t long before the Salties snatched away the lead and, finding themselves a favourable wind, put some distance between themselves and the Roadies. The Salties’ signature strong teamwork kept them in the lead; however, through tenacious hard work, the Roadies had reduced that lead to 29 points by the end of the first half.
Half time scores: Salty Dolls 115: 86 Road Train Rollers

The second half started with a power jam to the Roadies and they used it to reel in the Salties’ lead; however, it wasn’t long before the Salties got in on that sweet power jam action themselves and pulled away with a score lead once more. The penalty box did a furious business the first half and this was no exception in the second. At one point, the jammers seemed to be engaged in a game of musical chairs, with three jammer majors being awarded in less than a minute. Late in the second half, Kit Cat Krunch and then GoGo Fiasco, both from the Roadies, were ejected from the bout for accumulating seven majors. The steely-eyed Roadies continued to fight hard without their comrades and managed to keep the Salty score lead within striking distance, but when the last whistle blew, the bout belonged to the Salties.
Final scores: Salty Dolls 210: 174 Road Train Rollers