Because there’s no such thing as too much derby…

In 2013, Adelaide Roller Derby is pumping up the home team competition. In addition to our regular season, which roared into life on April 6 in an epic bout between the Salty Dolls and the Road Train Rollers, we are rolling with a series of private bouts, closed to the public but with the results counted towards the season rankings. We would love to have all our awesome fans join us for these extra bouts, but due to boring things like money and time this just is not possible.

Rest assured, we will keep you up to date on the results of these closed bouts, so keep an eye out here and on Facebook and Twitter for all the exciting highlights. We held the first of these private bouts as a double header on Sunday, April 14.

Bout One: Mile Die Club v Road Train Rollers
The Dies stormed through the first half with a daunting lead, taking the score to 162 to 36 by half time; however, the Roadies lived up to their reputation as a strong second half team and made a massive comeback. By the time the final whistle blew, the scores were dead even, resulting in an overtime jam. Unfortunately for the Roadies, they lost their jammer to the penalty box in that final jam and the Dies skated away with the game and their first victory since 2011.
Final score: MDC 260, RTR 242

Bout Two: Wild Hearses v Salty Dolls
The Salty Dolls continued with the same devastating form they showed against the Roadies in Bout 1, this time against the Hearses, ending the first half with a commanding lead of 135 to 46. The second half saw the Hearses contain the Salties, dramatically reducing their scoring effectiveness compared to the first half, but they were not able bridge the gap and the Salties took away their second win of the season.
Final score: SD 187, WH 117