Bout 3: Wild Hearses vs Road Train Rollers

With a victory already under their belts, the Wild Hearses went into this bout looking strong and confident; however, the Road Train Rollers, even with team stalwart Vaderella out due to injury, are a bunch of tough cookies and not easily intimidated. From the start, the Roadies came out hard, making the most of their trademark strong teamwork and tough-guy jammers, proving the Hearses would have their hands full with their latest rival. Brawny defensive work from both teams made for a close, thrilling first half, with the teams almost matching each other jam for jam in points, and the lead changing a number of times. A nifty double grand slam in the last jam before halftime saw the Hearses tip the score in their favour, 42 to 36. Six points is by no means a comfortable lead against any team, let alone one renowned for their comebacks, so heading into the second half the game was still well and truly anyone’s. And the second half proved to be just as nail-bitingly close as the first. True to form, the Roadies burst from the change rooms full of fight, first levelling the scores and then pulling ahead. And at less than five minutes on the clock, the scores were an even 65. But in the final few minutes the Hearses raced the track with back-to-back grand slams to reclaim the lead in emphatic fashion and steam ahead to take out the game 90 WH : 70 RTR.

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