Bout 4: Mile Die Club vs Road Train Rollers

Both teams have one bout under their belts this year and are hungry for their first win of the season, and this bout starts out with some super tight skating and low scores. Fifteen minutes in and the scores are almost even, with MDC on 21 to the RTR on 20. Despite both teams taking turns to hold the other back, grand slams from jammers on both teams keep edging the points upwards to the half time scores MDC 35 to RTR 43. That’s not enough of a lead to make anyone relax and both teams come out fired up in the second half. Great pack organisation from the Roadies keeps scattering the Dies and helps Roadie jammers scoot past. Some outstanding MDC jamming and a few trips to the box for Roadie jammers sees the Dies rally to close the gap to only four points at around eight minutes left on the clock. Things get a little crazy on the track about this time, with some interesting technicalities, but the Roadies play a stronger game at the end and maintain their lead to take out the win by eleven points with a final score of MDC 77 to RTR 88.

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