Bout 1: Salty Dolls vs Wild Hearses

Adelaide Roller Derby launched its 2010 season on Sunday April 18 in spectacular style with veterans the Salty Dolls taking on the newest kids on the derby block the Wild Hearses. Tragically before the game started the Salties lost Psycho Fox to a broken ankle, which rattled the team considerably, however they regrouped and quickly showed the Hearses their debut game would be no walk in the park. Former air hostess Barrelhouse Bessy proved she is just as deadly in orange and purple setting the Hearses up with a good lead, which they held onto and steadily increased. By the time the last whistle of the first half blew the Hearses were 13 points ahead of the Salties.

Early in the second half a grand slam from debut Salty jammer Moe Skeeto reduced the gap to a mere two points and it wasn’t long before the Salties took the lead. The Hearses lost jammer Fury of Fenrir to a knee injury and the Salties increased their lead utilising their strong blocker walls and slippery jammers, however the Hearses chipped away at the score until they were ahead again but with the Salties furiously nipping at their heels. It was a fight to the very end however the Wild Hearses ultimately triumphed taking out the game 79-69 and proving they truly are ‘Too Deadly’.

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