ADRD Launches the 2010 Adelaide Fringe

19 February 2010, 7pm, Rundle Road

It was a night filled with colour, fun, and mayhem as the Adelaide Roller Derby League stepped out for the Fringe opening parade last Friday. As part of their first 2010 public appearance, seventy-five of the ADRD ladies and refs got their groove on for a crowd of about 100,000 despite the sweltering weather.

The Mile Die Club led the charge, decked out in full uniform with the addition of crazy custom Fringe waitress trays containing many an oddity. Next up came our newly outed Freshies on their first EVER appearance. Thirty of the league’s fresh meat skaters were tutu cool for school, with each girl decked out in their very own pink Fringe tutu. The Road Train Rollers were next on the scene, announcing their arrival by sounding air horns and performing synchronised team knee-slides throughout the parade – much to the public’s delight. Finally, the Salty Dolls sailed into view, looking adorable all the way with plenty of blow up beach toys. Mixed in amongst the teams, a full herd of Zebras were REFresenting and keeping ADRD in check.

All in all, despite a few bumps, involuntary ‘excursions’ into the crowd, and some of Rundle Street going home embedded in the girls’ thighs, a great night was had by both the league and the crowd. It was a great way to kick off the 2010 season, and the entire league is now pumped and rearing to go.