2012 Grand Final

An ADRD Grand Final always starts with a league skate out.  2012 was a Michael Jackson medley, and quite possibly our finest.

Bout 1: Mile Die Club vs Wild Hearses

The battle for third place was a rematch 2011, with the Mile Die Club taking on the Wild Hearses.  As with their last bout, MDC had a depleted line up with a bout day roster of only ten skaters, but the plucky ladies of the sky are always up for a challenge and went into this bout full of beans, however it was WH who were the first to put points on the scoreboard and continued to do so. It took a couple of jams, but once MDC snagged themselves some points they got a taste for it and consistently racked them up.  The Dies kept pace with the Hearse scoring, however the Hearse dominance of the front of the pack thwarted the Dies attempts to close the gap, a trend which, despite the Dies’best efforts, continued into the second half.

Five minutes before the end of the bout a time-out was called, and a game of Queen of the Rink commenced.  From the chaos and biffo that ensued, two skaters remained: Bootlegger Lily and HotXGuns. Guns fought with pluck and valour but it was Booty who proved ultimately victorious and claimed the title of Queen of the Rink.

Wild Hearses took out third place, 179 to 89.

Bout 2: Salty Dolls vs Road Train Rollers

The Salties took off to an early start in the championship bout, however a penalty riddled Salty pack, including their jammer in the box, handed the Roadies the opportunity to runaway with the lead and that’s exactly what they did.  The Salties challenged that lead, however the Roadies held onto it going into half time, RTR 88 SD 69.

Nineteen points is far from a comfortable lead in roller derby, and knowing this the Roadies roared into the second half full of fire and determination.  From this start the Roadies slowly stretched out their lead, however the steely-eyed Salties are nothing if not tenacious, so it wasn’t long before they started to reel that lead back in, aided by a timely 19 point power jam from Lady Undie-Taker.  The Salties continued to close the gap but time was not on their side.  When the last whistle blew the Roadies had won the bout and the Grand Final, making them the 2012 champions. RTR 204, SD 190.