Bout Three: Mile Die Club v Wild Hearses

A couple of Bessy power jams saw the Hearses jump ahead early in the bout. While the Dies fought hard and answered back with some strong gameplay, the Woohoo lead grew steadily, and at ten minutes before half time, it was over 40 points and looked like the Hearses might keep slipping away. Some impressive pack speed control from the Hearses, combined with timely Die sin bin trips meant the Dies worked extra hard for every point. But some key jams from veteran Mile Die jammers Bones, Gatey and Toosh, plus some expert mother hen work by Bones, wound the gap back down. Half time saw the Hearses leave the track with only a twenty point lead over the Dies. While playing two blockers down in several jams at the start of the second half, the Hearses busted out some smart hit-and-quit jams and steadily increased the lead, simultaneously refusing to let the Dies convert pack advantages and power jams into points. At ten minutes out from the end, the Dies were 84 points behind. At less than four minutes on the clock, the Dies trailed by 73 points. And then, in the final jam of the game, Ankle Grinder racked up an almighty 30 points in a power jam as onlookers rose to their feet, taking the final score to WH 189 v MDC 146.