Bout Six: Salty Dolls vs Mile Die Club

The sixth and final bout in Adelaide Roller Derby’s fourth season promised to be an interesting affair – the match up of old favourites, the hot-to-trot Salty Dolls and the blood hungry Mile Die Club. With the Salty Dolls already having two wins under their waistbands they were assured a place in the Grand Final against the Road Train Rollers – all that was left on the table was pride, which makes for some very hungry rollergirls.

The bout started to the overture of a sellout crowd with each team playing safe, smart derby. The very first jam proved to be indicative of the night when D’juana Fightme burst through the pack, only to have Kap’n Kaos hot on her heels – many of the following jams played out with both jammers battling for one or two points. The points popped onto the board slowly, despite some fast feet from the likes of Pistola Balboa, Kissy Suzuki, Blue Wrenegade and Gateway Girl, who gets a notable mention of her own for laying out a few whilst wearing the star! Rolla Junky, Jetfire and Hell Grazer were working hard in the pack, but the time spent in the box was weighing on Mile Die shoulders. Mid-way through the first half, the Salties were back on song, with some great work in the pack by BamBam Belial and Coconut Rough helping the Salties edge away. The score sat at 36-19 going into the seventeenth jam and the Mile Die Club let loose with some moments of brilliance. Bone Shaker and Kissy Suzuki were up to jam, and Kissy was sent to the box, giving Bones the power jam and spurring the Mile Die Club into action. Some beautiful slow pack work and the mad skating skills of Bones gave the Mile Die Club a double grand slam. This was shortly followed by a grand slam from Mile Die captain Raw Dog, to leave the Mile Die Club within 10 points of the Salties at the half-time break.

The Mile Die Club started strong in the second period, with some solid jamming by Rolla Junky and, despite a killer block by Radical Edward, Junky called it for 48-41. This was short lived as the Salties kicked into gear in the second jam, taking advantage of their own power jam and slowly eating away at the score line. A nasty hit to debut jammer Sneaker Streaker in the sixth jam seemed to light a fire under the Salties, with Moe Skeeto and Kissy Suzuki stepping up the intensity in the pack. With ten minutes remaining in the game, the score had widened to 79-49, and it seemed the Salties were wearing the Dies down. Melvin Star was ejected shortly afterwards, and promptly escorted to the ADRD area by the debonair Mr Hot Rod, who was clad in tails. Never one to be outdone, Hell Grazer followed suit a few minutes later! Jam fifteen saw the Mile Die Club fire up again, with some smart slow pack work and jammer blocking giving Boneshaker the opportunity for yet another double grand slam, taking the score back to a twenty point deficit at 79-59. For a second, it looked like there may be a glimmer of hope, but the Salties were on a roll. Between some quick feet, brilliant blocking and a potentially concussed D’juana Fightme, the Salties came through to take their third bout at 87-69, as well as the title of undefeated throughout the season. [Tricksey Belt’em]

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