Bout One: Road Train Rollers v Mile Die Club

This first bout set a great standard for the season, with both teams coming out firing from the first whistle. The MDC jumped to an early lead in the first couple of jams, but Roady jammer KillaKaze used a power jam to level scores at 11 points apiece (and 11 is her number!) From there, the Roadies climbed steadily away from the Dies, although in the moment it seemed both teams were giving and taking evenly, almost blow for blow. Half time arrived with the Roadies on 72 and Dies 44. In the second half, the Dies were again the first to score, but then the Roadies grabbed some big power jam points as the Dies queued up for a turn in the naughty seats, and the lead stretched out to 60 and then 80 points. The Dies rallied at many points in the second half and did not make it easy for the Roadies, trapping Roady jammers in close packs and taking them down with big hits. The Dies continued to claim hard won points all half, but ultimately the Roadies dominated and the lead was too great for the largely freshie Die team to catch, with a final score of RTR 178 to MDC 83.