Bout Four: Salty Dolls v Road Train Rollers

The theme of this bout was the mosh start. So much so, that the crowd actually cheered at the sight of a rare missionary start sometime in the second half. A Salty-Roady bout is often fast and very physical, and this one was no exception. The bout started super tight, but shortly before half time, the Roadies started hanging out in the naughty bin more often than the Dolls, including some precious jammer minutes, creating power jams which the Salties capitalised on. By half time, the Salties were in the lead with a score of 111 to the Roadies’ 44. The second half was even more spill-filled, and exciting moments included Frills losing a wheel, Bam taking out a derby fan’s can of JD, and the Roadies and Salties taking it in turns to spin the revolving door on the sin bin. The Roadies fought hard to claw back the score, but the Salties inched ever forward to win, with a final score of SD 186 to RTR 97.