Bout Five: Mile Die Club v Salty Dolls

The skateout started the bout off with a big fat love-fest, and hearts and hot crushes poured onto the track from both sides. By this stage of the season, injuries and absences were really taking their toll on the Dies, who only had eleven skaters to roster for this bout. The Salties were in full team strength and were hungry for a chance at the Grand Final first place. This bout was make or break for the Salties: they not only needed a win, but they needed a convincing win of 84 points to get a chance to defend their 2011 title. The Dies have never been a lie-down team and put up a fierce fight from the first whistle to the last, but by half time the Salties had a lead of 101 points. Low numbers always means fatigue is a potential factor, and while the second half saw the Dies holding a closer differential, by the end, the Salties had earned the right to fight for first place, with a final score of MDC 72 to SD 235.