ADRD Friends and Family (pre season opener bouts)

On the 13th of March, 2016, Adelaide Roller Derby held its pre-season opener, where the freshies of the league were able to experience what it will be like to play derby, or to ref or NSO for ADRD. As a league, we also used our Friends & Family day to host a Beyondblue BashaBout, raising awareness and breaking the stigma around depression and anxiety.

Each team (the Wild Hearses, the Road Train Rollers, the Salty Dolls, and the Mile Die Club) played against each of the others in six mini bouts.

First up was the Hearses vs. the Roadies, in a very close game, with the Hearses winning by 1 point (83-82); next up was the Salties vs. the Dies, with the Salties taking their first win for the day (94-64); playing back-to-back, the Dies took a win against the Hearses in another close game (75-69); up next was the Roadies vs. the Salties, with the Salties winning their second bout (110-71); next, a back-to-back for the Roadies in a bout against the Dies, with the Dies taking the win for this one (86-118); and the last bout of the day was the Salties vs. the Hearses, with the Salties taking their third win for the day (109-66).

This was a fun filled and hard hitting day of derby enjoyed by all who participated and watched. Also, a shout-out to all who donated to our Beyondblue BashaBout; we raised $468.40 on the day and a further $197.50 online!


Written by Tourniquet Quinn (Wild Hearses)