ADRD 2016 Season and Poster Launch

The Adelaide Roller Derby Season Launch was hum-dinger this year! Held at The Wheatsheaf Hotel on the 19th of March, the annual event had a carnival theme, and catered to kids and adults alike.

Scheduled for the day was fun, music and the official unveiling of this year’s season poster.

Local folk band Golonka wowed the crowd as always; they added the perfect soundtrack for a day at the carnival. Kids could have their faces painted, choose a balloon animal, hurl marshmallows at derby girls and play some other fun games.

The illustrious illustrator George Rex was in attendance, churning out excellent portraits of patrons, and Madame Mercedes set up her tarot table in the darkest corner and dealt out some insight to our older attendees.

Thanks to the generosity of all that came, ADRD was able to raise some much-needed funds so that we can keep bringing you the derby experience you’ve come to know and love.

The Carnival has begun and we’re just getting warmed up!


Written by Tricksey Belt’Em (Road Train Rollers)