November 24, 2014

Wild Hearses

Too Deadly

With the gothic solemnity of midnight undertakers, the Wild Hearses deliver a funeral procession like no other as they booty block the corpses of their fallen opposition off the track and into freshly dug graves. The day they hit the track is the Day of the Dead.

Meet the Skaters

029 BeX Rated
112 Blade
55 Bobby Dazzler
789 Butter Knife
96 Daisy Pain
53 Doomsday Jae
2517 Eze-Kill (C)
42 Fanny Finagle (VC)
32 Frill Seeker
106 Judge Juicy
234 MagiCAss
369 Meryl Creep
83 Mimi Malicious
57 Miss Guided (C)
62 MustDash
44 Nikola Daniel
051 Ninja Dinosaur
4 Paddywhack
913 Petty Rizzo
022 Rage Ruthless
540 Rustyblades
2 Sass
247 Thrashin Pop
616 Velocirapture



Wild Hearses logo in purple and orange of a ghost controlling a hearse cart pulled by a skeleton horse

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