November 24, 2014

Team Zebra

Herd Not Seen

Watch out – Ref Team Zebra are on the track and cleaning up this derby league. Quick on skates, bags of pace, eagle eyes and a whistle to wake the dead: this Zebra pack is ready for anything. Don’t even think about tripping, high blocks or cutting the track under the steely gaze of these stripey adjudicators, or you’ll soon find yourself cooling your wheels in the sin bin – no argument.

Meet the Refs

128 FIGJAM (C)
Sláine (C)
The Thin White Flook (C)
37 Beta Blocker
Chris Durrant
Fifi Firestarter
256 Qama Sutra
Quiet Riot
016 Rebel Yell
Roxy Horror
Scooby Don't
247 Thrashin Pop
Vitamin Dee