April 7, 2017

Salty Dolls

Nautical But Nice

Keeping clam and skating with porpoise, your favourite sailors are taking Adelaide Roller Derby by storm. The nautical but nice Salty Dolls are a group of strong, skilled athletes, playing and training Flat Track Roller Derby on Kaurna land, Adelaide.

Meet the skaters

101 Crafty (C)
145 Blah-bie
13 Grim Rhi-Purr
143 Bloody Helgs
92 Undies
2880 Blue Wrenegade
3 Illuminasti
303 Femmebot
31 Victoria Bitter
97 Fleabag
349 Alexir of Death
360 Rose Hip'n'shoulder
7 Cab Sauvage
52 Pinch Assault (C)
88 The Phillistine
75 Rattleskate
206 Skellyton
888 Lass Irate