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Bouts 9 & 10
Wild Hearses vs Road Train Rollers
Mile Die Club vs Salty Dolls

After another exciting weekend of roller derby we have saw one team secure their spot in the grand final, with that final spot still up for grabs! This season is down to the wire, and if you haven't seen us in action yet then you still have one more chance before our grand finale for the 2014 season.

Bout 9 saw the Wild Hearses take on the Road Train Rollers in a fight to the death... well ok, not to the death, but it was a fight nonetheless! The Roadies led the scoreboard throughout the first half, but after a re-group and a fresh strategy for the 2nd half, the Hearses came back fighting to take it out and secure their place in the 2014 grand final!

Bout 10 was a showdown between the two original ADRD teams, the Salty Dolls and the Mile Die Club. Both teams played hard and fast, but the Dies held a solid lead over the Salties for the duration of the bout, and came out victorious, getting them one step closer to a spot in the 2014 grand final.

The final scores were:

Wild Hearses 189 vs Road Train Rollers 143
Mile Die Club 194 vs Salty Dolls 108

Photograph courtesy of In the Corner.

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