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Come see the Adeladies take on South Sea Roller Derby and the rAdeladies take on The MCRG Homicidolls. Sat Nov 8th from 2.30pm at Greyhound Racepark!

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Registrations for fresh meat are now closed and our freshest batch of skaters begin training their hearts out on Fri 24th Oct!!

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The Grand Finale!

Well I don't know about you, but I have no nails left and my heart palpatations are only just now starting to regulate again! What an amazing night, thrills, spills, and not to mention the mother of all skateouts to a Rocky Horror Picture Show mega-mix! It's a night we'll never forget and we hope it was just as magical for you too!

Photo courtesy of Paul Campbell


Playoff for third: Mile Die Club vs Road Train Rollers

The Dies were determined to win third place this year, unfortunately for them, the Roadies weren't about to hand it to them on a platter! By half time the Dies had secured a small lead and they spent the second half trying to lock it down. The Roadies continued to fight hard but in the end the Dies took it home by 71 points and proudly claimed their spot in third place.

Final scores

Mile Die Club 226 vs Road Train Rollers 155

Photo courtesy of Matt Walker


Play off for first: Wild Hearses vs Salty Dolls

Q: How many lead changes does it take to cause a heart attack?
A: About as many as you can cram into one hour of roller derby.

This bout was the nail biter to end all nailbiters and we've had a fair few this season. Both these teams have had a strong season, the Salties were eager to bed down their third premiership in a row, but the Hearsies were hungry to secure their first! The first half was rough going for the Hearsies, within the first 10 minutes the Salties had secured a pretty decent lead, but the hunger proved strong and by the end of the first half the Hearsies were in front.

The second half was filled with lead change after lead change. St John's were on stand-by with their defribulator and we're still not sure if the skaters or the punters were more at risk of massive coronary! This was a fight to the bitter end, it was the Salties game, then the Hearsies, then the Salties again, and with just seconds left on the clock, the Hearsies had crept back up to lead by one point. But it still wasn't over! The Salties pulled out a last-second time out, securing them one more jam. One more opportunity to take back the lead and go home with another first place under their belts. The Hearsies weren't having a bar of it though, they went out fighting, secured lead jammer status and promptly called it off. ONE POINT! It all came down to one point. And with that point, the Hearsies won their first grand final.

Final scores:

Wild Hearses 165 vs Salty Dolls 164

Photo courtesy of Neomax Media

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