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There's only one more bout left this season - The Grand Finale! Who will take the 2014 season? Be at the Adelaide Showground Sat Aug 16th to find out!

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Bout 11 & 12

Wild Hearses vs Mile Die Club
Salty Dolls vs Road Train Rollers

After another round of nailbiting bouts this past weekend we now officially have a nailbiting problem!

This whole season has been neck and neck and while the Wild Hearses held their lead throughout the bulk of bout 11, that didn't keep out nails safe at all! We've all seen how quickly things can change! The Dies were playing to win and proved to be a mighty tough side to beat, but luckily for the Hearses their defense was strong enough to keep them in the lead to the end, with the Hearses winning against the Dies 149 to 100.

Our nails weren't safe though, the Road Train Rollers would see to that by holding a lead over the Salty Dolls for a good chunk of bout 12 only to have it stolen like a bounty of the seven seas by the Salty Dolls in the final moments. The Road Train Rollers showed their team spirit and fought hard, but the Salty Dolls brought a formidable lineup and took it out 184 to 178.

And so it has been decided, this season will see the Salty Dolls come up against the Wild Hearses to fight for first place in the 2014 season, and Mile Die Club and the Road Train Rollers will battle it out for third.

The final scores were:

Wild Hearses 149 vs Mile Die Club 100
Salty Dolls 184 vs Road Train Rollers 178

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