Bout 5: Wild Hearses vs Mile Die Club

Amongst the chatter in the crowd, bout five between the Mile Die Club and the Wild Hearses seemed to be a forgone conclusion – the top placed team versus the bottom placed team in a battle of sheer pride. Once team mates, and now foes, this match was going to be charged with emotion, and not much more. Oh how wrong the crowd were! When the chips are down and the odds against them, the Dies ‘never say die’ attitude always appears, and everyone loves an underdog. The game started slow, and it wasn’t long before the Wild Hearses asserted their dominance in the pack, led by powerhouses The Little Murdermaid and Marshall Stacks. Jamming stalwarts Barrelhouse Bessie and Pixie Pincher were helped out by The Finnisher, pulling out some wonderful lead jammer grabs in an understated performance. The Mile Die Club, seizing the opportunity to experiment, showed moments of sheer brilliance under the tutelage of stand-in captain Pistola Balboa – herself having an enormous impact in her return to the jamming ranks. Bone Shaker demonstrated her versatility as a blocker and a jammer, and was aptly supported in the pack by the always entertaining Hell Grazer and Push My Toosh. Whilst the Mile Die Club seemed unable to capitalise on any momentum they managed to generate against the Wild Hearses, they left no doubt in the crowds mind’s that, on any given day, they are capable of big things. Final scores: WH 118 vs MDC 80