February 4, 2020

Fresh Meat (new members)

So you want to join Adelaide Roller Derby? Awesome! First things first, you are able to join ADRD as either a skater, skating official or non-skating official (NSO). Here’s a brief overview of what that entails.


After successfully undertaking our Raw Meat and Fresh Meat programs and gaining a spot in the league, skaters will be assigned to one of our four competing teams – Salty Dolls, Road Train Rollers, Mile Die Club and Wild Hearses.

During Raw Meat you’ll learn the basics of skating without any contact drills. Skills taught include stopping (t-stops and snow plows), weaving, crossovers, derby stance, riding the track, speed and endurance, stepping and falling. If you successfully pass raw meat, you’ll be able to move onto our Fresh Meat program directly after.

During Fresh Meat you’ll start learning basic roller derby skills and rules. Skills taught include skating as a pack, avoiding obstacles, blocking (hitting), transitions (turning around quickly on skates), backwards skating, use of toe-stops, jumping (both skates off the floor) and improve on your speed and endurance. You’ll be tested on all of the above in a final test, and the test is based on the WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements! There are limited spots available within ADRD each year.

Check out the WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements here, and the WFTDA Ed Video Series here.

To be able to take part in the Raw and Fresh Meat program, you will be required to have the following gear:

  • Quad skates (with toe stops)
  • Knee pads (try to pick some sturdy ones rather than the cheapest ones – you’ll be falling on your knees a lot)
  • Wrist guards
  • Helmet
  • Elbow pads
  • Mouth guard


We love our officials! There are two types of officials – Skating and Non-Skating Officials (NSOs). A roller derby game requires seven on-skates officials and a number of NSOs to be officiated. They are all part of our wonderful Team Zebra here at ADRD!

Skating Officials – These Zebras strap on the skates and keep an eye on things on track. They do things like keeping track of points, call penalties and ensure safe game play. Skating officials don the black and white strips and aren’t afraid of blowing a whistle loudly. Skating Officials are required to successfully go through the Raw Meat program, and a modified Fresh Meat program.

Non-Skating Officials – These Zebras have a wide range of roles inside and outside the track, including starting and timing jams, recording and displaying scores and penalties communicated by skating officials, record the number of each skater on a track for every jam and time and record skaters visiting the penalty box.


We hold our Raw Meat and Fresh Meat intakes once a year, around September-October, and hold an information night prior to this so you can find out even more about what it means to join ADRD. To keep up to date on all of our events, head to our Facebook Page and give us a ‘like’.

You can also contact us at adrdfreshies@gmail.com to have a chat if you have more questions.