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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Bout Six: Salty Dolls vs Mile Die Club

The sixth and final bout in Adelaide Roller Derby’s fourth season promised to be an interesting affair – the match up of old favourites, the hot-to-trot Salty Dolls and the blood hungry Mile Die Club. With the Salty Dolls already having two wins under their waistbands they were assured a place in the Grand Final [...]

Bout Five: Wild Hearses vs Road Train Rollers

  Bout five delivered the long anticipated rematch of last season’s grand final with the Wild Hearses facing off against the 2010 champions, the Road Train Rollers. This was always going to be a cracker of a game, but with victory securing the chance to duke it out with the Salty Dolls for the glory [...]

Bout Four: Road Train Rollers vs Salty Dolls

One of the most highly anticipated bouts of the season saw the newly revved up Salty Dolls take on last year’s champions the Road Train Rollers. Those familiar with the two teams expected a close bout – but no one could have predicted just how tit for tat this game would be. Through play after [...]